Our Products

Fresh from nature and just delicious, trust the premium fruit processors.

Offering our customers a range of products tailored to suit your individual requirements, the choice is yours with CB Juice. Over the last 30 years we have committed ourselves to the continuous improvement of our processes and always strive to deliver premium products and service to our valued customers. 


Fresh Juice & Puree

Our premium fresh juice is available as pasteurised and chilled or, if you prefer, preservatives can be added upon request. Because we cater to the unique needs of our clients, packaging can be arranged according to your requirements, for example, in 25 litre cubes or frozen in 200 litre steel drums.

As well as fresh juice, CB Juice specialise in manufacturing delicious frozen mango purees, using 100% Australian Kensington Pride (KP) mangoes. The majority of our mangoes are sourced locally in Queensland, with the exception of early supply from the Northern Territory to meet demand. We exclusively supply Kensington Pride mango puree but are able to source other varieties of mango to meet customer requirements, which ensures the consistency and flavour of our puree. 

Some of our most popular Fresh Juice products are:

  • Frozen KP Mango Puree

  • Frozen Murcott Juice

  • Frozen Watermelon Juice

  • Frozen Navel Juice

  • Frozen Lemon Juice

  • Frozen Lime Juice

  • Frozen Pineapple Juice

CB Juice is also equipped to provide the above products in 20,000L Fresh Tankers.

Fruit Juice concentrates

CB Juice supply an extensive range of delicious 100% preserved fruit drink concentrates for domestic and export markets.  Our concentrate is normally frozen without any additives but preservatives can be added upon request. All our concentrate is available in 200 litre steel drums or alternatively in 25 litre cubes.

Some of our most popular Concentrate products are: 

  • Frozen Imperial 7 to 1

  • Frozen Murcott 7 to 1

  • Frozen Mandarin 7 to 1

  • Frozen Navel 7 to 1

  • Frozen Valencia 7 to 1

  • Frozen Blood Orange 4 to 1

  • Frozen Lemon 5 to 1

  • Frozen Lemon 7 to 1

  • Frozen Pineapple 7 to 1

  • Frozen Watermelon 7 to 1

Mixed concentrates

Our focus on tailoring products for the needs of our customers, means we are also able to provide pre-mixes, (ready for dilution) of 25%, 35% and 50% fruit juice drinks. Our premix concentrates are packed in 25 litre cubes and our full product range is also available with sugar premixed into the concentrate to simplify fruit drink preparation.

Product Specifications

Below you will find our Product Specifications for our 200 litre drums as mentioned above. The Specifications provided are updated accordingly. For any of our Mixed Concentrate Products or Cube Product Specifications please email our QA Officer Emma at emma@cbjuice.com.au who will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.